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Progress through Innovation

ASASolutions A/S is a medium-sized owner-managed company that employs approximately 100 people. The company’s focus is to solve tasks as a sub-supplier to other companies. Key selling points for ASASolutions are readiness to solve the task when the customer’s need arises. Also, we offer flexibility in workload when we approach a task while ensuring that we deliver a consistently high-quality service. The solution that our customers need is always different, and we cooperate with our customers to develop the best setup for the customer’s needs.

ASASolutions forms a central part of ASAGroup, which consists of several independent but complimenting companies.


ASAGroup A/S is the majority shareholder in 10 companies. The companies share a synergy, some in regards to sales, and some in regards to production, between the companies. ASAGroup is established and owner-managed by Kim Agerfeldt Sommer and Jakob Bisgaard, who started the joint entrepreneurial project in 2011. Today, ASAGroup employs +100 people with departments in Denmark, Poland, and Norway.


  • ASAGroup has stated objectives which are common for all the companies.
  • We must keep our agreements.
  • We must create value for our customers.
  • We must develop solutions together with our customers.
  • We must establish long term partnerships with our customers.

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