Our cases


We handle sample inventory for 3M in all of Scandinavia. Our IT system enables a superb integration with 3M’s salespeople who can easily order goods for delivery to their customers.


We sort and repackage for Jysk. Jysk requires near-perfect quality control. If a delivery from a supplier fails, we can process the goods at short notice or sort them so that no faulty goods are delivered to stores.


We solve different special tasks, where the outcome can be used in the windmill industry.


  Warehouse handling, container emptying, display packaging and similar logistics tasks.


Vi lagrer alle virksomhedens produkter foruden medicin og sender direkte til virksomhedens kunder.


We process heath exchangers during busy periods.


We second employees to SPX during their peak time, which allows SPX to call in a worker who knows their business, rules and routines whenever they need one.

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