Examples of outsourcing



– We store, pick, pack and ship your products. A customer case is Virbac, who have outsourced all their warehousing and shipping to us. 


Production of your entire product

– you will be able to focus on sales and growth. A customer case is Sprout, who have chosen to outsource their entire production to our Polish department.


Production of parts of your product

– for example, the parts that are labor-intensive to produce. A customer case is Danfoss, for whom we assemble sub-components for heat exchangers.


Tasks that advantageously can be produced in other countries

– tasks that require a lot of manual work and typically have a lot of repetition in the work process. Often long-term collaborations where goods are shipped directly from our department in Poland to your customers. We willingly invest in machinery to solve specific tasks.


Tasks with many repetitive work processes

– and where the cost is significant. We have departments in Denmark and Poland and we can execute tasks where it benefits the customer most.

Are you considering outsourcing your production or packaging tasks?

Outsourcing of production abroad can be a quite extensive and resource- and time-consuming task. At ASASolutions, we specialize in co-packing and outsourcing production tasks. We offer our services to large as well as small companies. We have departments in both Denmark and Poland, and we can match the market’s lowest prices for outsourcing production or warehousing.

We can help to streamline your production by solving various tasks for your company that are labour-intensive and tasks that are not within your core competence.

We have an efficient team of staff ready to receive your orders and carry out the tasks on time, with high speed and short delivery times.
We are already an outsourcing partner for several large and small companies, all of whom have specific requirements and needs for their particular production or inventory control.

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